Ancient Art Gallery in the National Museum in Warsaw

9 exhibition spaces

dedicated to the art and culture of ancient civilisations

The Ancient Art Gallery design relies on the contrast between light and darkness. The exhibits from the National Museum’s collection illustrate the role of ancient civilisations in the development of European culture and art. The gallery is divided into nine spaces. The interior design makes good use of, e.g. the original rhythm of the windows and the building’s location in relation to the directions of the world – the eastern rooms will remain bright and sunny, while the western ones will be dark. The designers do not replicate antique objects or emulate the period interiors. The idea of the Ancient Art Gallery relies on the scenography that involves original exhibits. The scenographic features designed for each space will strictly suit the style that was prevalent in the given cultural area. The designers have focused on minimalism. The proposed scenography is to highlight the beauty and timeless value of the exhibited works of art.