Ancient Art Gallery in the National Museum in Warsaw


the date of the opening of the new Gallery of Ancient Art


areas presenting the art and culture of ancient civilizations


First place in the exhibition design competition

The new Gallery of Ancient Art is located in the building of the National Museum in Warsaw, designed in the 1920s by Tadeusz Tołwiński. Preparing their concept of museum space utilisation, the designers were inspired by the art and architecture of ancient times, while not forgetting the modernist nature of the existing architecture. In these interiors they made use i.a. of the original rhythm of the windows and the location of the building in relation to the points of compass, thanks to which eastern facing rooms remain bright and sunny, and western facing ones are dark. Thus, the artistic concept by Nizio Design International was based on two poles – light and darkness, and the designers gained additional tools that allow for showing of symbolic content (e.g. the journey of the sun across the sky, and the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead).

The Gallery of Ancient Art is divided into nine separate areas presenting issues concerning the culture and art of ancient and classical civilizations. The concept for the gallery is based on creating a stage design that makes use of original exhibits. The set design accents designed for each area are closely match the style prevailing in the cultural area each of these areas concerns.