The Polish Vodka Museum is going to start up in half a year’s time

The Polish Vodka Museum at Centrum Praskie “Koneser” in the Warsaw district of Praga Północ is going to be opened in slightly over half a year’s time. At the site, the next implementation stage of the unique exhibition devoted to Polish vodka and best domestic distilling traditions has just been started. Mirosław Nizio’s teams are in charge of both design and implementation. The Museum will be opened at the revitalised Centrum “Koneser” in March 2017. The Nizio Design International studio is responsible for the design, interior design, implementation of museum content and author’s supervision. Mirosław Nizio with a separate implementation team is also in charge of work related to interior design and installation of equipment in the museum area as well as food service and shop facilities.


Prize in the competition for an architectural concept of the Pilecki Family House Museum

Emphasizing the historical structure of the building of the Pilecki family house in the garden surroundings, functional arrangement which makes it possible to create an interesting layout of the exhibition and skilful utilisation of scale in delineation of the museum’s zones are the highest-rated features of the design which was prepared by Nizio Design International and awarded the second prize in the competition for the architectural concept of the Pilecki Family House Museum in Ostrów Mazowiecka. The results of the competition were announced on July 9.


Educational Centre in the Karolin Palace for “Mazowsze”

The Nizio Design International studio has prepared the functional and spatial concept for the Educational Centre in the Karolin Palace for the Tadeusz Sygietyński State Folk Song and Dance Ensemble “Mazowsze”. In addition to an initial concept for its interior design and exhibition space together with a stage design, the architects have prepared plans and guidelines for the branch-specific designs of multimedia elements and a control system for the exhibition.

15 years on the market

Nizio Design International, one of the largest and most acclaimed architectural design studios in the country, this year celebrates its 15th year of operations in the Polish market. Founded in 2002, Mirosław Nizio’s studio has performed dozens of internationally recognized designs. These have ensured the Nizio Design Studio the position of leading architectural studio in Poland, creating designs for museums and commercial enterprises, designing and executing permanent and temporary narrative exhibitions, concepts for urban redevelopment, and culturally important public utility buildings.

Renovation of the Gallery of Ancient Art at the National Museum in Warsaw






Property Design Award 2017 for the interior and exhibition design of Museum in Markowa

„I would like to thank for recognizing the value of interior architecture and exhibiton design of the Ulma Family Museum” said Mirosław Nizio, receiving the Property Design Award 2017 for the interior design and exhibition of the Ulma Family Museum of Poles Saving Jews in World War II in Markowa.”IMG_3506

Nomination for the design of Museum in Markowa in „Polish Architecture 2016” competition

The Ulma Family Museum of Poles Saving Jews in World War II, designed by Nizio Design International, was nominated in „Polish Architecture 2016” competition in the category for the best interior design of the public building. The vote runs until the end of February 2017.


Second place in the competition for an architectural concept for The Museum of Cursed Soldiers and Political Prisoners of the Polish People’s Republic in Warsaw

The Museum of Cursed Soldiers and Political Prisoners of the Polish People’s Republic is designed as a place of remembrance that aims at transcending any divisions. The architects agreed that out of respect for the authentic substance of this place, it requires subtle accenting of the old and the new architecture. For this reason, preservation of the original historic wall surrounding the prison buildings was chosen as a key aspect. The wall is emphasized as a strong, authentic and historically faithful architectural element – a witness guarding the memory of those who were imprisoned here and allowing visitors to pass onto this site of tragic events of the past.






Property Design Awards 2017 – the Ulma Family Museum in Markowa nominated in two categories

Designed by Nizio Design International, the Ulma Family Museum received 2 nominations for the Property Design Awards 2017. As a public facility, the Museum was nominated by in two categories: „Architecture” and „Interior design”.


Concept proposal of the reconstruction of MOK in Nowy Targ

The aim of the concept proposal of reconstruction of Municipal Cultural Center in Nowy Targ was to eliminate unfavorable, harmonious architectural and decorative elements of the building. New design proposals directly relate to those used in the typical wooden architecture of Podhale. Thus, the object would fit in with the trend of architecture that refers to pure, synthetic forms, historical heritage and tradition.

01 (2)


03 (2)

First place in the competition for concept development of the Interactive Centre for Cartoons and Animation in Bielsko-Biała

The Interactive Centre for Cartoons and Animation at the Animated Movies Studio in Bielsko-Biała is a combination of a modern museum with a family park. It is similar to typical exhibition stands located at foreign film studios. The Centre will be based on the achievements of the Animated Movies Studio, operating since 1947, in which over a thousand films, including famous cartoons for children, were made. The competition’s jury appreciated the relevance of urbanistic and architectural solutions applied in the award-winning design.





The Ulma Family Museum on the TOP 10 architectural projects of 2016

The Ulma Family Museum of Poles Saving Jews in World War II in Markowa has been named by the one of the TOP 10 architectural projects of 2016.


„Plac Zwycięstwa 1920” in Wołomin – the latest project of the Nizio studio, devoted to the Battle of Warsaw

Renault FT-17, the historic tank from World War I, is the central point around which we built the concept of the outdoor exhibition-installation „Plac Zwycięstwa 1920” in Wołomin. This is the second project of our studio – next to “The Gate to the Battle of Warsaw – 1920 ” in Ossów – commemorating the Battle of Warsaw, groundbreaking event in the history of Europe.




Nizio Design International has prepared the architectural design which is part of the broader revitalisation project and deep thermomodernisation of the buildings within the “Wyspa” recreation centre on the lake in Janów Lubelski.

The facility is located in direct proximity to the Nature Zoom Recreation Park developed to our design.

Obiekt usytuowany jest w bezpośrednim sąsiedztwie zrealizowanego według naszego projektu Parku Rekreacyjnego Zoom Natury.

The Ulma Family Museum of Poles Saving Jews During World War II in Markowa has won recognition as the best building in Podkarpacie in 2015.

The jury of the competition which is organised by the Podkarpacka Regional Chamber of Construction Engineers, appreciated the architectural quality and high standard of the building designed by Mirosław Nizio’s studio.


The new exhibition at the Museum of Marie Skłodowska-Curie is where the fascinating biography of the two-time Nobel Prize winner will come together with the equally captivating story of science.

Marie Curie Museum will operate in the tenement house, currently under refurbishment by the Warsaw Council, at 16 Freta Street in Warsaw’s old town, the scholar’s birth place.

The starting point for the concept proposal of the new exhibition at the Museum of Marie Skłodowska-Curie PTChem was the specific symbolism of the language of chemistry applied to describe molecules or chemical reactions. Bond symbols in structural formulas of chemical compounds will guide visitors across the exhibition spaces.

The new exhibition is scheduled to be opened in November of 2017 and will coincide with important events: the 150th anniversary of Marie Skłodowska-Curie’s birthday, 50th anniversary of the Museum, and 85th anniversary of the Radium Institute in Wawelska Street in Warsaw.






Outdoor exhibition “John Paul II. Roots”

Between 20 July and 15 August the latest project by Nizio Design International – a specially designed minimalist pavilion that gives room to an exhibition will be on display at 66 Krakowskie Przedmieście in Warsaw. We are responsible for the artistic concept proposal of the unique exhibition “John Paul II. Roots”, its detailed design, construction, and assembly.
The exhibition pavilion is a simple and ascetic architectural form to be placed in front of the Agricultural Library in Warsaw. The pavilion will be not only an exhibition space coupled with the city’s urban tissue, but an artistic and symbolic installation whose shape references to the archetype of a temple as well. The exhibition will present the turning points and significant figures inseparably linked to the history Polish Christianity.
The exhibition – created on the occasion of the World Youth Day 2016 – is organised by the Polish History Museum and the Centre for the Thought of John Paul II.







Nizio Design International’s design for the Lublin Museum

On 6 June Nizio Design International and the Lublin Museum signed an agreement to deliver a complete design and costing documentation of the redevelopment, refurbishment, arrangement, and exhibition works planned by this institution in the Lublin Royal Castle and Kraków Gate. Following that for the Łańcut Castle, this is yet another revitalisation and conservation project to be delivered by our Warsaw-based studio.

The designs and project costing schedules will pertain to the general refurbishment, redevelopment, arrangement and fitout of the facilities, as well as a new exhibition space to display, e.g. Jan Matejko’s painting “Union of Lublin”. Also, we will prepare the building and multidisciplinary detailed designs, as well as a detailed technical specification. We will be responsible for the final acceptance of the construction works, delivery of the facility and investor’s project costing. Our team will perform comprehensive architect supervisions over the construction works in terms of their compliance with the design.

All the works will be delivered as part of the project co-financed out of the European Union’s Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment 2014-2020.




INSPIRATIONS – Practical Architecture Workshops is the latest joint educational initiative of the architectural studio Nizio Design International and the industry magazine Builder. The first meeting in this series will be held in Warsaw on May 19 under the slogan “The Art of Concrete – creation and technology”.

The workshops are aimed at professionals already working in the field of creative industries: architects, designers, as well as students and graduates of university faculties of technology and art. They are intended to explore in-depth the theoretical and practical issues related to the daily professional practice, as well as to disseminate the expertise and exchange experiences of the collaborating experts involved in the project. The workshop-and-lecture formula of the classes and multimedia presentations allow participants to freely interact with the tutors and familiarise themselves with the techniques and materials necessary to do the work.
The co-organiser of the first stage of the cycle, which bears the title “The Art of Concrete – creation and technology,” is CEMEX Poland, a global building materials producer which provides high-quality services and products to customers in more than 50 countries.

The schedule of the workshop “Art of concrete – creation and technology”
10.00-11.00 – “From sculptural form to architectural form”, lecture by Mirosław Nizio
11.00-11.45 – follow-up discussion
11.45-12.30 – “The age of concrete – a brief history of concrete”, lecture by Tomasz Fudala
hours. 12.30-12.45 – coffee break
hours. 12.45-14.15 – lecture by CEMEX Poland process engineer
hours. 14.15-14.45 – lunch break
hours. 14.45-17.00 – practical workshops

Nizio Design International
CEMEX Poland

European Museum Academy Prize for POLIN Museum

“Polin meets the criteria for this prize at its maximum. It is not just an excellent museum but a state of the art cultural institution which reaches diverse publics all over the world.” That is why the European Museum Academy decded to honour POLIN Museum and its Core Exhibition designed by Nizio Design with this prestigious Prize.
More about the POLIN Museum

Prestigious Award for the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews

POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews received The European Museum of the Year Award 2016, organised by the European Museum Forum. Nizio Design International worked on design of the unique POLIN Core Exhibition and built the exhibition between 2011-2014. Gazeta Wyborcza Warszawa wrote about EMYA (Polish version only):

More about the project

The Opening of The Ulma Family Museum of Poles Saving Jews in Markowa on March 17th

The museum is based in the south eastern Podkarpackie region in the village of Markowa, and it will be named in honour of the Polish Ulma family, who were shot there by the Nazi-German occupiers for sheltering Jews.

Agenda of events accompanying the official opening of The Ulma Family Museum of Poles Saving Jews in World War II on 17th March 2016:
10.00 Jagiełła – Jewish and Christian joint prayer at the cemetery where the remains of the Didner, Grünfeld and Goldman families rest – they were murdered alongside the Ulma family
11.30 Markowa – Christian and Jewish prayer at the Ulma family grave
12.00 Markowa – Holy Mass in St Dorothy’s Church for the holy memory of Poles saving Jews and all victims of the World War II
12.30 Łańcut – Jewish prayer in the Synagogue in the intention of the Righteous Among the Nations
17.30 Markowa – The Opening Ceremony of The Ulma Family Museum of Poles Saving Jews in World War II
18.30 end of the official programme

More about the project:

Nizio Design International has won the competition to design

Nizio Design International has won the competition to design “Krzysztof Penderecki – dziedzictwo polskiej muzyki XX i XXI wieku” exhibition at the Krzysztof Penderecki European Centre for Music in Luslawice.

Nizio Design International works for Łęczyca on the strategy of revitalization

Nizio Design International works for Łęczyca on a comprehensive strategy of city revitalization. We have prepared a project and extensive sociological research. Public consultation is planned to occur in January 2016.