Concept proposal for lakeside in Kraśnik revitalisation

Concept project

The concept proposal to revitalise the lakeside in Kraśnik envisages reorganising and modernising the existing space so as to transform it into a recreational and touristy town centre with full infrastructure. The project is to benefit from the local materials and inspiration with the town’s manufacturing and historical identity to create objects that will blend in with the natural ecosystem of the Wyżnica and Wyżnianka River valley and the local building development. The space is to be divided into three thematic zones inspired by the brick manufacturing process: clay, wood, and brick. The materials will be selected accordingly, and so will be the functions in each zone. The development starts with the “entrance zone” with car park and hotel which leads to the so-called “history strip”. Its heart and symbolic gate to the entire layout will be a brick kiln that originates from the turn of the 15th and 16th c. The projected “lodging village” will encompass new and existing holiday cottages that will be refurbished and reorganised. Besides the outdoor playground with slides and obstacle courses the site is accommodate a marina, mooring, bicycle park under umbrella roofs with photovoltaic cells to illuminate the wharf and outdoor theatre. The concept proposal also envisages building wooden stands for wakeboarding events spectators. Land sports will be located in the “clay park” with amphitheatre and mini golf course and outdoor stands and stage space. The zone dedicated to gastronomy, sports and entertainment will give room to beach volleyball and football pitches, hearth and seats, tables, and the refurbished restaurant building with a panoramic view of the lake and beach and two terraces and pergolas. Opposite the restaurant building a dune beach will be arranged, whose form references to the natural local lie of the land. The water sports equipment rental building is to be refurbished, too. The designers have also proposed to create a wooden “adventure playground” on the lake. The culminating point of the revitalised area is to be the “redbrick park” whose form and functions will be subordinated to the story of this building material that is strongly associated with Kraśnik. Redbrick will be present, e.g. in the services and residential buildings adjacent to the site, as well as in purpose-built redbrick squares intertwined with strips of flowery meadows and wild lawns that will hold redbrick installations, e.g. redbrick jacuzzi, climbing wall, swings, viewing platforms and pavilions showing the potential and structural beauty of the redbrick building material. Workshop spaces will be there, too. Additional attractions will include: riparian park, viewing platform, birds’ wharf, panoramic seat, and fishing facilities. The entire layout will feature special green areas and additional plantings that will help positively transform the lakeside. The revitalised area is expected to enrich the town and region with a public space that will reinforce the local identity, ensure education in ecology and nature, and connect the town’s urban layout. The revitalisation concept proposal was subject to public consultations in February of 2016.