Concept proposal for the extension and redevelopment the Contemporary Art Gallery in Opole

The Contemporary Art Gallery in Opole Architectural concept proposal for the extension and redevelopment The building of a new contemporary art gallery is an essential element that binds the new architectural form with the old gallery of 1970s. The spatial concept proposal is the result of seeking such means of expression that respect the provisions of the local spatial development plans, both in terms of the development line and height of the building. The gallery creates an explicit emblem of a winding tape or line, showing continuous pulsation of rhythms and art trends. One essential element of the mass’s geometry is the vertical fissure (which may be blacked out) that functions as a skylight and runs across storeys 1 and 2. It is possible to leave its interior to a secured glass platform that is adjacent to the mass’s structure and overlooks the sculpture park. The fissure (90 cm) dually enters the combined space of the two storeys of the gallery. The mass’s elevation will be made from fibro. Glistening white surface rectangles will be fixed in modular fashion: 1×5 rectangles. The structure of the horizontal elevation is enhanced by its distinctiveness, which dynamises the gallery’s surface. Some of the elevation divisions will be cut out as separate windows providing extra lighting to the office and administration part of the building. The office part is lit by a configuration of horizontal notches in the building’s elevation. The lateral undercuts of the mass, on the elevation side, form an emblem of a geometric ribbon that stretches in the mid of the exhibition between the first and the second storey.