European Solidarity Centre in Gdańsk

The exhibition is dedicated to Solidarność, as part of the European Solidarity Centre. The exhibition is to be displayed at the Gdansk Shipyard. The exhibition presents the story of “Solidarność” as a synthesis of Poland’s post-war history. It underlines that “Solidarność” is part of the freedom fighting tradition. The exhibition will show the unique nature of this movement – revolution that was peaceful from start to finish. The project proposes that the history to be recounted be tangible and very close to the viewer – apart from using universal symbols, it is to engage viewers in the narration, make them participate in it. The exhibition, therefore, will be composed of a number of various components, e.g.: archival photographs, personal effects belonging to the victims of communist repressions, or the famous Lech Wałęsa’s ballpoint pen he used to sign the August accords. Apart from its educational character, the facility is to be a magnet for foreign visitors to Gdansk, for whom the names like „Solidarność’ or „Lech Wałęsa” will gain new, more complete meanings; it will become a new angle from which to look at the contemporary history of Poland.