Łódź – revitalisation as a tool of the city’s international promotion

Tool design

A unique tool of Łódź’s and Poland’s international promotion through the issues of revitalisation has the form of a mobile interactive exhibition. It utilises modern technologies, relevant content, applications and games, whereby it involves viewers and so conveys the knowledge of revitalisation. The tool is comprised of 7 components: manual installation, film presentation, multimedia station, exhibition, and mobile application, special gadget, and conference scenario. The overarching idea is to show revitalisation as a development opportunity pertinent to 3 spheres: people, space, economy. Each component has been prepared in 4 language versions and can be presented either in a complete set or as a separate unit. The tool will be used, e.g. in the campaign to grant Łódź the right to organise the International EXPO 2022 exhibition.