„Noble Cast Iron” Exhibition in Gliwice Museum

project completed in: October of 2010

The exhibition space has been divided as per the themes corresponding with the chronological narrative – from the invention of cast iron, its improvements, multiplicity of shapes and forms, through the contemporary history of the museum’s artistic cast iron foundry. The more than 200-square metre space has been modified to meet the needs of the comprehensive exhibition concept proposal. Some essential elements of the exhibition’s design are the exhibits themselves and the history of cast iron, its melting process, and gaining knowledge of its components. In order to build the exhibition it took to change the spatial system, e.g.: modify the walls, apply autonomous small architectural objects, design the glass structure that cuts off the existing balustrade from the wall of windows so as to provide additional space for exhibits or text inserts.

The exhibition displays prints presenting plans of factories and bridges, fencing elements, and such exhibits as details of wickets or fountains. Steel, concrete, and cast iron have been used to make a horizontal table with numerous multimedia inserts embedded in the table top. The main axis of the exhibition is comprised of four cubes of architectural concrete. Each of them holds cast iron exhibits that correspond with the given theme. The cubes’ interiors have zonal sound systems that can be heard inside, but not outside the cubes. The exhibition space employs multimedia technology: 3D presentations, spot sound systems, browsers, lightboxes, as well as projections and prints. To enhance the industrial nature of the interior the floor in the exhibition room is made of concrete overlay, while inside the cubic structures it is made of black corroded steel and cast iron surface.