Permanent exhibition at the Polish Vodka Museum in Warsaw

the first prize in a competition for the concept design of the permanent exhibition and interiors of Polish
Vodka Museum

the official opening of the first Polish Vodka Museum in the world

The first Polish Vodka Museum in the world has been opened in Warsaw on the premises of the revitalized
19th century vodka factory complex. The museum’s location made the creators respect its specificity,
historical context and conservation requirements, while applying the latest technological and exhibition
solutions. The innovativeness and uniqueness of the project lies primarily in the materials used and
technologies developed for the purposes of creation of the revitalized facility.
The space affects all the senses – it not only tells a fascinating story but also lets it be heard, seen, touched, or
even smelled and tasted. The exhibition is located in five galleries and presents the history of vodka
production in Poland from the 15th century to the present day. The concept of the exhibition is based on the
simultaneous use of multimedia and artifacts, including original distillery equipment and symbolically
reconstructed age-old distillation apparatus, concrete vats and stoves. The exhibition at the Polish Vodka
Museum is to trigger all the senses of the viewers – it is not just the touch, sight, and hearing, but smell and
taste as well. In the project, top quality natural materials were utilized such as glass, steel, concrete or