Recreational Park Zoom Natury in Janow Lubelski

10 ha

terenów Parku położonych nad Zalewem Janowskim

In the area of Zoom Natury park, architecture meets ecology and it is secondary to nature. A range of buildings have been placed in the park, such as one floor pavilions for administrative and expositional purposes, observation tower and a bridge for cyclists and pedestrians. The buildings are made of natural and recycled materials. The characteristic and dynamic reinforced concrete structure which holds the open-work roofing is a front gate to Zoom Natury and a symbol of forest. It leads visitors to the heart of the complex, which is the Energy Square. The main laboratory is the crucial part of the park. There are three sister pavilions next to it, “Laboratory of Undergrowth”, “Laboratory of Bird Fauna and Troposphere” and “Laboratry of Recycling and Energy”. Project completed in 2015.