Stara Kopalnia Centrum Nauki i Sztuki – former coal mine transformed into a modern culture and science center in Poland




historical buildings

2,5 km

of underground tunnel

As the most innovative project of the year, the Stara Kopalnia has received the TopBuilder 2013 award given by the Polish construction and architecture magazine entitled Builder. In the area of former Julia coal mine in Walbrzych, the past mixes with the future of science, culture and art. The key idea of the project is to transcend the carbon era without completely eradicating the history of the Lower Silesia region (southwest Poland). The tissue of the space will be retained, and at the same time enriched with modern solutions, thus the new mine will represent the best of the old and the new. Each building located in the area of the Julia coal mine will be dedicated to a specific issue, i.e. the past and the present of the coal, the ecology and ceramics. The concept envisages among others occurence of amphitheater, dancing hall, the gallery, the gallery of contemporary art. Walbrzych Cultural Centre, Ceramics Centre, and The Museum of the Future are to be located. Inside the complex, innovative arts and design studios will be located there. The center will include the museum of coal with an interactive laboratory. Visitors will not only have an opportunity to learn the history of the region, but also to explore the physical and chemical properties of the carbon.