The object of Communications Historical Centre of Dialogue “Breakthroughs” – The National Museum in Szczecin

Wyróżnienie w konkursie na opracowanie koncepcji programowo-przestrzennej

50 m

ma długość budynku


modułów dzieli obiekt, z których każdy ma wymiary 10×6.7 m

Historical Communication Facility “Breakthroughs” Dialogue Centre in Szczecin The museum building, located in Szczecin’s historic Solidarity square, with its dismembered geometric form and copper facade saturated with “time” inscribes itself in the history of the location. The building co-forms the neighbourhood not only by bringing in an expression of remembrance and history, but by meeting the need for urban activities in the site’s public space, as well. The mass of the building is divided into five parts (10 m wide and 6,70 m high each) which will continue in the basement part of the building, and in the adjacent square