Wroclaw Contemporary Museum

I nagroda w konkursie na koncepcję architektoniczną


kondygnacji poświęconych prezentacji sztuki współczesnej

1,50 m

pod ziemią znajduje się główne wejście do Muzuem

The highly original body of the building looks like a monumental cube, that turn upward around its own axis. This formally minimized shape ensues from the accurate layout of the building’s internal functional space to suit the purposes of the permanent collection, temporary exhibitions, and enriching the museum’s collections. The expressive outdoor structure of the Wroclaw Contemporary Museum will be juxaposed with its bright and neutral interiors, that are a great background for the exhibition. In the facility, there will be also a shop, a restaurant, a library, didactic rooms, and an auditorium space. Thanks to the modular walls of the museum, the interior may be adjusted to the various thematic contents and needs. One shift of the structure causes another.