„Ogrody Animacji” Centre in Bronów

„Ogrody Animacji” Centre in Bronów combines literature, nature, and education, aiming to introduce visitors to the literary and fairy-tale world of Maria Konopnicka and other writers from the Łódź region. In line with the values of the writer, the manor house and park will be a cultural hub for the local community.

The 19th-century classical manor house is situated in a beautiful landscape park with old-growth trees, meadows, and alleys. The historical layout has been preserved, reflecting the park’s development stages. In the western part of the park, there is a pond with a river flowing through it. The total area of the investment covers over 8 hectares.

“We designed the Center as an educational attraction accessible to people of all ages,” says Mirosław Nizio, the concept’s author. “In line with the universal message of Maria Konopnicka’s work, the space is meant to support the intergenerational bonds. Thus, we have planned various meeting places, including outdoor pavilions. For children, they will be reminiscent of fairy-tale characters’ homes. For adults, they will be a comfortable space to relax,” explains the architect. The verticality of the pavilions allows them to integrate naturally into the landscape. At night, they will resemble colorful lanterns scattered throughout the garden.

The park will feature educational and recreational paths as well as artistic installations that serve as exhibition spaces, stimulating visitors’ imaginations with their diverse forms.

The manor house and Welcome Center are harmoniously integrated into the park’s natural setting. The original manor, where Maria Konopnicka lived, did not survive to the present day. The building, rebuilt after a fire in 1902, will now be renovated and extended.

The permanent exhibition design symbolically reflects the atmosphere of the writer’s family home, giving visitors the impression that the household members have just left the living room or library. The exhibition narrative also relates to the architecture and landscape, combining inspirations from literature, music, and film to create a coherent message that engages visitors intellectually, emotionally, and sensorially.

The Welcome Center greets visitors and serves as a multifunctional promotional and educational facility. It also promotes the attractions of the Łódź region. It consists of three modules: a foyer, a temporary exhibition space with a café and shop, and a multifunctional auditorium. The Welcome Center’s lobby leads to the park, manor house, pavilions, and educational paths.

The scope of the investment includes the extension and renovation of the existing 1902 classical manor house, the construction of the Welcome Center and park architecture, as well as small architectural elements, including water piers. Nizio Design International has also developed the permanent exhibition design. The investor is the Marshal of the Łódź Voivodeship.