Gross-Rosen – Stone Hell

30 m

wysokości ma ściana wydzielająca część oryginalną wyrobiska

80 m

długości będzie mieć ciąg schodów odnoszący się do wędrówki robotników przymusowych

The concept of Stone Hell links the universal truth, which we have been entrusted to share, with the sphere of individual reception. The use of simple means of expression which carry a deep symbolic meaning, has created a universal place, where the members of all nationalities and religious groups, which suffered in KL Gross-Rosen, will find commemoration of this tragedy. The means of expression, which have been chosen to create the symbolic meaning, are based on the concepts of modern architecture, which commemorate the mass murder of nations, and extermination of the ethnic groups. The consecutive stages of the march, during which the visitors will travel across Stone Hell, are divided into theme sequences: taking a symbolic journey, successive discovery of the truth, crossing the border between life and tragic death, between light and darkness. During their journey, the visitors will recreate the victims’ way to work, explore the quarry and observe it from the level of surrounding hills. The concept of the project is based on the idea of exposing the historical part of the quarry, exploited during the time when KL Gross-Rosen was functioning.