Mausoleum of Martyrdom of Polish Village in Michniów

I nagroda w konkursie na koncepcję architektoniczną

16×14 m

ma emblemat “Domu – chaty” zawarty w obrysie frontu budynku


segmentów dedykowanych poszczególnym historii represji wobec wsi podczas II wojny światowej.

Projekt w realizacji

The Michniow Museum project is a specific catalyst of the past and future generations’ memory.
An element combines remembrance and reconciliation. The idea focuses on the original structure and emblem being a house-hut, which, concurrently, is the front of the mass undergoing intentional, gradual deformation and degradation (until it is crushed into sand and gravel). This process indicates harmonisation between the historical and architectural narratives. The museum’s open form will be exposed to external weather conditions. The exhibition will utilise the latest multimedia, i.e. screens, projectors, and touch panels. These tools will be subordinated, and play
a secondary role to the dramatic tension built up in the course of viewing the Mausoleum.