New project for the Museum in Gliwice

For the first time, we present visualizations of the permanent exhibition and details of the project to modernize the historic Gliwice Radio Tower.
Our project for the Museum in Gliwice involves the revitalization of the existing Radio Tower buildings and the construction of a new facility for a permanent exhibition. Changes to the unique complex will be kept to a minimum. We built the narrative of the specially designed permanent exhibition by putting together successive historical facts like a jigsaw puzzle. We were inspired to apply certain solutions by the industrial landscape of Upper Silesia of the first half of the 20th century, captured in photographs or films. The dramaturgy of the exhibition resembles the scenario of a detective story , and visitors learn about the history of Gliwice, the circumstances of the ‘Gleiwitz incident’ and the history of radio broadcasting in Polish and German Upper Silesia before World War II, among other things.

Media about the project:
Architektura Murator monthly

Project details HERE