Conceptual design for the revitalization of selected areas of Łęczyca

The prepared revitalization concept was to serve as a tool for realization of the strategic targets of the town. The results of social research developed and conducted by Nizio Design International provided a guideline for the design process. It was assumed that the revitalization would lead to comprehensive socio-economic development, increase the town’s attractiveness from the point of view of tourists and improve the quality of life.

In the course of spatial and document analyses, issues and areas important for the development of the town were identified. These included recreation, sports and tourism, history, cultural and architectural heritage of the 20th century, and post-industrial infrastructure. The concept outlined the proposals for revitalization of areas adjacent to the urban reservoir.

The designs developed on the basis of the research conducted were subjected to public consultations in February 2016, during which the architects held discussions and workshops with the residents of Łęczyca.