The Polish Pavilion EXPO 2025 Osaka

The Pavilion project draws upon the symbolism of the Polish willow. It creatively transforms nostalgic Polish heritage into a contemporary identity that actively responds to the fluidity of our ever-changing world and the challenges of the climate crisis. 

The Pavilion explores the phenomenon of nature as a protector of our shared life. It serves as a kind of refuge, where natural, communal space ensures continuity, stability, and resilience. 

Here, we recall forgotten relationships and values, restoring the memory of traditional craftsmanship and vernacular ventilation systems that harmonize with technologically advanced solutions.

In accordance with the principles of architecture of care, we have analyzed the environmental impact of the structure at every stage of the process – from construction through usage to the potential reuse of materials.

The core of the Pavilion is a semi-open interior where elements made of willow filter the air, regulate humidity, create unique microclimatic conditions, and also provide shelter from the noise of the outside world. 

The lofty 10-meter space evokes a sense of both grandeur and intimacy at the same time. Semi-transparent walls hover a meter above the ground. A closely arranged grid channels water from the roof’s height, and beneath the cut of the exterior walls, discernible droplets descend into a lengthy linear reservoir. From there, they journey once more to the roof, symbolizing a closed cycle in nature. Water creates a microclimate, serves a symbolic role, and also builds sensual impressions of space.

The inner walls are movable. The framework has been designed with modular CLT wooden frames. The project includes a raw floor made from rammed earth sourced from the construction of the EXPO park in Osaka, reducing the carbon footprint significantly. 

Other materials and technologies have been also chosen to align with the characteristics of the future exhibition such as minimalism, asceticism, naturalness, and lightness.

On the rooftop, a tranquil refuge is nestled beneath a natural canopy, replacing the conventional observation deck. This space evokes the sensation of dwelling beneath the majestic crown of a tree. Nature here is not only a functional element but also impacts the recipients sensually and emotionally.

At night, the building is illuminated by a soft and ascetic interplay of projections, creating a lantern-like ambiance that beckons visitors with the promise of tranquility at the intersection of pathways on the EXPO site.