“Zoom Natury” is Poland’s first interactive science and recreation centre where the architecture merges with ecology and is subordinated to nature. It boasts, e.g. one-storey pavilions for administrative and exhibition purposes, and an education and observation tower. The buildings are finished with natural and recycled materials.

The 10-hectare park area opens with a dynamic ferroconcrete structure with a wooden openwork roof – this is the gate that leads visitors to the Energy Square. The central building is the Main Laboratory. Adjacent to it are three identical pavilions: “Fruits of the Forest Laboratory”, “Avifauna and Troposphere Laboratory”, “Recycling and Energy Laboratory”. The complex is towered over by an 11-metre high education tower.

In 2015 the innovative “Zoom Natury” Recreation Park in Janów Lubelski was granted the International Property Award for the best European Leisure Architecture building design.