Revitalization of the Neugebauer villa in Brzeg

We are working on a revitalization plan of a wonderful, historic Neugebauer villa in Brzeg, which has been recently owned by the head of our studio. This is another revitalization project in which we will take care of restoring the former glory of the historic building.

Respect for the history of the place and its trace in the local community, cooperation with the conservator and conservation works – all this was discussed during a meeting attended last week by Mirosław Nizio and the Mayor of Brzeg, Mr. Jerzy Wrębiak, the Opole Province Governor Mr. Tomasz Witkowski, as well as the County Conservator Mr. Radosław Preis and the Opole Province Conservator Mrs. Elżbieta Molak.

The photos of the meeting are published here courtesy of the Town Hall in Brzeg, and the archival photos of the villa are provided by

More information about the meeting concerning the revitalization of Neugebauer Villa can be found on the website of the Town Hall in Brzeg.