The story of Father Jerzy – Mirosław Nizio in an interview with Architektura i Biznes on the Father Jerzy Popiełuszko Museum project in Okopy

“I remember the reality and atmosphere of the times when Father Jerzy lived and what happened when he was assassinated. I think I can capture that atmosphere quite well. Father Jerzy served a good cause, freedom, truth, and through his personality he brought people together and made them feel at one. He fought for the good. This place will not only be a memorial to the priest, but also a space for meetings, conversations and prayers of pilgrims. Also for the local community, this facility means a lot in terms of remembering Father Jerzy. We were commissioned with this task in view of our experience in building narratives in museums in Markowa or Michniów, as well as the sensitivity we represent as artists working in the specific field of architecture and exhibition design,” said Mirosław Nizio in his conversation with Ola Kloc from the Architektura i Biznes magazine.

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