Factory Museum in Łódź

The overarching objective of the project was to present Poznański’s factory in historical approach: from its establishment, through development, until complete decline. Each phase symbolically occupies a separate zone of the exhibition. Poznański’s industrial complex is presented on several levels showing the complexity of the factory organism: its architecture, manufacturing aspects, workers’ zone, and the transformations the factory had undergone over nearly 140 years.

The project was designed as an interactive multimedia presentation. Either side of the exhibition room is closed with monumental 19th c. panoramas: of the factory complex and shop floor interior. The exhibition room is divided by a line of drum modules. Once set in motion they directly refer to the specificity of weaving machines, and their noise is audible across the whole room. The linen canvas serves the purposes of slide shows and screening. At half-length of the room the line of drum modules is perpendicularly cut across by a line of mechanical looms.

Project was completed in January 2007.