Holiday Cabin Complex in Wierzchowiska

Dwór Sanna in Wierzchowiska is a special place for a nature retreat: a hotel surrounded by a historic park, 32 hectares of greenery, and kilometers of walking paths (one leading to the source of the Sanna River). The hosts prioritize the environment and guests’ well-being. With their own vineyard, sustainable farming, and organic products in the family restaurant, it’s a unique and magical spot.

Nizio Design International has developed the architectural concept for a complex of recreational cottages (each approximately 120 m2), which will soon enhance the offerings in Wierzchowiska.

“With a shared longing to live in harmony with nature, we teamed up to create unique experiences for Dwor Sanna’s visitors. We designed intimate recreational facilities that allow guests to experience nature on multiple levels, engaging all their senses,” says Mirosław Nizio, the concept’s author.

The main theme of the holiday cabins in Wierzchowiska is the connection between architecture and surrounding nature. In the design process, an endless inspiration for us was the richness of organic forms. The implemented solutions subtly interact with the open space: complementing it, framing it, or intertwining with it. 

The rounded shape of the cabins enhances the impression of being constantly immersed in nature. The relaxing vibe encourages watching, especially as the surroundings always change — day and night, seasons, weather, and light. Similarly, our project – the holiday cabins are just the beginning. The space offers nearly limitless possibilities for adding more functions and experiences, and we are already working on more projects.

The unique microclimate of the holiday cabins in Wierzchowiska comes from using natural, sustainable materials. We use them for both their building qualities and unique textures. The exterior facade is crafted from evenly arranged willow sticks, drawing inspiration from salt pans. This solution not only adds aesthetic value but also regulates ventilation and the amount of light within. We also use rammed earth for the walls. The overall design creates a space that is not only functional and visually appealing but also sensory.