The Lapidarium of Detail in Lódź is located in a historic building at 19 Kościuszki Al. The permanent exhibition as well as the info box and the development plan of the square (courtyard), were implemented according to the concept design developed in 2015 by Nizio Design International. The studio also provided consultancy and artistic supervision for the implementation of the executive design.

Sculptures, decorative moldings, doors, tiles, fragments of staircase balustrades, and other external and internal details from historical tenements, palaces, residences and factories in Łódź are displayed in several zones of the revitalized building as well as the newly designed warehouse and workshop facility. It is a treasury of knowledge about the history and secrets of Łódź architecture and urban planning, from the times when architectural details played a crucial part in shaping the aesthetic face of the city.

The exhibition is accompanied by a large-scale, interactive mockup of Łódź, as well as multimedia presentations, archival materials, design drawings and photographs. The exhibition is divided into zones: urbanism, architecture and interiors. The particular zones are devoted to the urban changes that the city underwent over the decades, buildings and details, elements of design and interior design of tenement houses in Łódź at the turn of the 19th and 20th century. The Lapidarium has a space where meetings, lectures and talks can take place. A special area connects the main building with the warehouse.

On the ground floor, historic details are exhibited, the space also serves as a workshop room. The second floor houses the most valuable collections of the Detail Magazine. The courtyard transformed into a passage is filled with greenery, benches and selected elements of the Lapidarium exhibition.