This cascade/terrace residential building in its elevation has a prominently marked division into office/commercial and residential parts. On one side it will have 4 storeys,adjusted to the height of the existing development. The building climbs up in terraces towards the River Brda to the height of 16 above-ground storeys.

The residents will enjoy, e.g. a raised courtyard with greenery and viewing platform, green terraces on the roofs, and terraces and loggias encircling the residential part. The building has a light glass elevation underscored by elegant woodwork and optiwhite glass balustrades on the upper storeys. The glass is contrasted with natural terracotta panels in dark brick colour. The two underground levels give room to car parks for the residents.

The building is an essential element on the city map of Bydgoszcz, and its architectural form correlates with the two distinct buildings in its vicinity – Rother’s Mills and Opera Nova.

For adjusting to the proportions of the existing development and becoming part of its context, Nordic Haven is a landmark from the point of view of the city’s revitalisation. The building dominates over the landscape, but does not bear down on the surroundings.