Revitalization of the National Museum in Lublin

In 2016, the Nizio Design International team won a tender announced by the Lublin Museum. The subject of the contract were design works for the Royal Castle building and Brama Krakowska (Cracow Gate), where the National Museum in Lublin operates. The designs and cost estimates covered the general renovation, reconstruction, arrangement and furnishing of the buildings as well as the new exhibition space where, among others, The Union of Lublin painting by Jan Matejko is displayed.

The studio also prepared the building permit and detailed design for all trades together with the detailed technical specification. Under the contract, the studio was responsible for the acceptance of construction works, development of the bill of quantities and the investor’s cost estimate for all trades. It was also in charge of comprehensive supervision over the implementation of construction works for their compliance with the design.

The Royal Castle in Lublin is one of the most beautiful and valuable monuments of its kind in Europe. Od 1979 roku w Bramie Krakowskiej działa odział Muzeum Narodowego w Lublinie – Muzeum Historii Miasta Lublina. The Royal Castle and Brama Krakowska (Cracow Gate) are under strict conservator’s protection.